Get more shredding done in less time with Kobra Cyclone – Multipurpose Shredder for Heavy Duty usage

KOBRA is one of the top-notch manufacturers of Office Shredders and Paper Handling products. It has been productively serving the needs of corporate and enterprise customers with innovative and out-of-the-box products since over a decade now. KOBRA is known for its reliable and dependent shredder products as well as unique features to improve work effectiveness, enhance security of the documents, and increase workforce productivity.

The KOBRA CYCLONE is a breakthrough and ultimate Shredder manufactured at KOBRA industries. This exclusive and multipurpose shredding machine can shred and discard almost all office documents with a single blow and without puffing a dust particle!  The advanced Cyclone Shredder is a marvel in shredding products and dedicated to improve the overall performance of the corporate work offices through disposal of all sensitive and confidential documents in least time. The ultimate Kobra Cyclone Shredder is an innovative development and meant for centralized shredding in enterprise and large sized organizations. read more »

Swingline DS22-13 Strip-Cut Office Shredders

The Swingline DS22-13 is a powerful strip cut shredder designed for small and medium sized businesses. It delivers perfect performance for low to medium shredding needs and optimizes corporate security by providing a secure mean to destroy confidential papers, personal documents, and strategic reports, etc. The strip cut office shredder offers standard quality shredding features with extended capabilities to ease user interaction with the shredding machine. It enhances maintenance and monitoring of paper shredder with autonomous maintenance tools and leverages its users to shred papers sheets, CDs, DVDs, Credit Cards, and bounded papers (staples or paper clips) faster.

The effective level 2 strip cut shredder features a smaller footprint with compact design and lightweight structure. It is simple to handle and can be placed on the top of a table, aside the desk, or under the counter – within the minimum space available. The delicate Swingline Paper Shredder volunteers shredding of up to 24 sheets at a time and speeds up shredding with a faster rate of 16 feet per minute. The secure Strip Cut Swingline Paper Shredding Machine incorporates:

  • Protection against paper jams with appropriate jam encounter mechanism – built with advanced anti-jam technology.
  • Automatic paper reversal in case of excess paper sheets in the feed opening.
  • Perfect for regular and high volume shredding.
  • Multiuser interface allows it to facilitate up to 5 users in the meantime.
  • Huge 13 Gallons shred bin to hold shredded content. read more »

Advantages of using Paper Shredders

Paper Shredders are the motorized devices that turn sensitive documents into incomprehensible waste, securing them from theft or unauthorized imitation. The powerful and purposeful paper shredders not just secure individual discretion through the elimination of certain personal documents but these advanced shredding machines provide great deal of organizational benefits with complete decomposition of sensitive corporate information or strategic documentation.

Paper Shredders vary in design and features, increasing corporate security everyday with innovative shredding and disposal features. The manufacturers such as Fellowes, Swingline, KOBRA, Dahle, Intimus and Formax are the few popular shredder manufacturers that are driving successful and secure removal of sensitive and confidential documents with their innovative and spontaneous paper shredding machines. Paper Shredder reviews rank different machines and models as the best paper shredder for businesses, but depicting the right shredder depends on the size of the organization and sensitivity of documents. For example: For a small or medium sized corporate office, a regular Cross Cut Paper Shredder will do. But for Department of Defense, document security is critical and they must have a high security level 6 Micro Cut Paper Shredder to shred top-secret documents before dumping. read more »

DESTROYIT 4002 Paper Shredder

DESTROYIT 4002 Paper Shredder in Cross Cut and Strip Cut Configurations

DESTROYIT 4002 Shredder is one of the flagship models of the renowned Paper Shredder manufacturer, DESTROYIT Shredder, a division of MBM Corp. The DESTROYIT 4002 Paper Shredder features robust technologies and advanced shredding features to meet exhaustive demands of a corporate work facility and destroys a variety of sensitive corporate documents and multimedia disks through a single feed input. The novel DESTROYIT paper shredder incorporates an array of technologies to make shredding faster and reliable for its users. It is equipped with:

  • Safety Protection System (SPS) Package: It comprises of a transparent safety shield, controlled through electronic sensor, fitted in the feed opening to safeguard fingers from powerful steel blades of the shredder machine. The electronic sensor notifies and shuts off automatically when your hands are too closed to the blades through the feed opening.
  • Easy Switch Interface: The Easy Switch control interface is built with optical signals and uses different visual codes and back-lit symbols to indicate the operational status of the shredder.

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Centralized Shredding through Industrial Shredders

Industrial Paper Shredder equips organizations with a centralized shredding facility, allowing multiple users to benefit from it and maximize protection of sensitive documents against information theft. Industrial Paper Shredders are also recognized as Commercial Shredders or Heavy Duty Paper Shredders for bulk shredding of high volumes of corporate and industrial paper waste. The industrial shredding machines understand centralized shredding requirements and ensure seamless operation without much human intervention.

We recently conducted an online and on-phone campaign to collect industrial paper shredder reviews and feedbacks from our diverse customers and gauge effectiveness and most popular industrial paper shredder machine. In the next few months, we plan to revise and update our Web site to make it more user-friendly and ready with popular and comprehensive range of industrial and office paper shredders. If you have any feedback, you can contact us at with your suggestions or queries.

We have a wide range of industrial shredders for sale on our Web site that includes low cost and simplistic strip cut paper shredders to heavy duty industrial paper shredders with cutting edge technologies custom designed for the end user applications. Industrial Paper Shredders adapt to the needs of diverse organization with run time scalability, adaptable cut size, security level, and configuration (strip cut, cross cut, or micro cut), and multipurpose advanced features. read more »

Increase effectiveness with Departmental Paper Shredding

Paper Shredder machines prepare organizations for safe and secure disposal of sensitive waste. These instrumental and systematic shredding machines ensure dust-free and rapid execution of sensitive documents and cards, etc. in minutes and confine waste to a central location. Increasingly, Paper shredder manufacturers are now classifying paper shredding machines into distinct categories to make it easier for you to find the most suitable paper shredder. The categories include: Personal Shredders, Office Shredders, Departmental Shredders, Centralized Industrial Shredders or Commercial Shredders, Heavy Duty Shredders, and High Security Paper Shredders. These classifications of Paper Shredders are meant to assist you in your shredder purchases and support decision making for large to small businesses.

While Office Shredders are most commonly used in different corporate environments, Departmental Shredders are preferred in facilities where frequent shredding is demanded and document security is considered critical because departmental paper shredders provide extended benefits and ease shredding to a greater extent as compared to regular office shredding machine. read more »

High Volume Shredding with Heavy Duty Shredders

Heavy Duty Paper Shredders can shred almost anything you can think of shredding in a corporate or industrial environment. Though, these commercial paper shredders are highly recommended for high volume shredding in rigorous environments, you can get only get a moderate level of security with these machines. Due to huge size and dimensions, Heavy Duty commercial shredders require dedicated installation space and significant up-front cost. But once installed, Heavy Duty Shredders provide optimum and convenient shredding for years. You can shred non-stop without the fear of malfunctioning or hold-ups with the commercial cross cut or strip cut heavy duty shredders.

Here is a brief description about two best heavy duty paper shredder which are most prefer by the people & deliver according to your requirement. They are:

Destroyit 4107SC Strip Cut Industrial Paper Shredder - can shred crumpled papers in addition to regular paper sheets, cardboard boxes, files, and stacks of paper sheets. It is equipped with simple-to-use control panel with stop, forward, reverse, power, and emergency switch off push buttons. It features a large feeding table with conveyor belt to safeguard from potential hazards and ensure convenient input of large piles of shred-able to the feed opening.  The built-in electronic controlling mechanism ensures jam free shredding with automatic reverse operations and stress elimination. For quick movement around and outside the facility, two side tables of the heavy duty DESTROYIT 4107SC Strip Cut Industrial Shredder can be detached. It can shred paper sheets into straight strips of 3/8″, 1/2″ and 1/4″. read more »

Differentiate Shredding with Powerful and Quiet Swingline Paper Shredders

The Swingline is a division of ACCO Brands. It specializes in Staplers, Shredders, Trimmers, Punches, and Sharpeners. Swingline has been manufacturing recommended and reliable office products and supplies from over 80 years and has given its worldwide customer base the most powerful and compelling solutions for paper handling, shredding, and tailoring.

Swingline Paper Shredders are designed to protect you from unwanted information replication, outflow, and misuse. These smart and intuitive Swingline shredding machines protect sensitive information through instantaneous disposal. Powerful shredding machines can be categorized in specific categories for ease of understanding and selection.

Hands Free Shredders

The Hands Free Swingline Office Shredders are designed to relive you from the labor of feeding Paper shredder manually. The innovative stack and shred Swingline Paper Shredders make loading of paper sheets into the feed easier and perform faster operation.

Stack-and-Shred 100X – Swingline Personal Shredder

  • Hands free convenient feed
  •  cross-cut shredding
  • Sheet capacity of 100 auto and 6 manual
  • Shred Bin of 7 Gallons capacity
  • It can shred CDs and Credit Cards in addition to paper sheets

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How to optimize the use of Heavy Duty Paper Shredders?

Paper shredding is indispensable. It is one of the most fundamental and common security requirements in corporate businesses. Preventing sensitive and confidential documents from unauthorized access, replication, and infiltration, Paper Shredders address security concerns in various organizations. In large industrial units, research laboratories, and enterprise organizations where paper shredding is required on a regular basis, companies prefer to select heavy duty paper shredder to minimize shred time and eliminate decentralized shredding in different departments. Heavy Duty Shredder for office or commercial use serve as a centralized solution for quick and untroubled permanent exclusion of sensitive print outs, expired identification and personal cards, strategic documents, files, and optical media archives, etc.

Heavy Duty Shredders, also known as Industrial Shredder or Commercial Paper Shredders, are high capacity and high volume shredders that can consume large amounts of unwanted paper sheets with additional shred-able material, shred them into small indecipherable strip cut or cross cut pieces with powerful motor and rotating hardened steel cutting shafts, and store shredded waste into a large shred bin, sealed inside the heavy duty shredder.  read more »

Industrial Shredders Protect Sensitive Documents

Industrial Paper shredders are the high volume paper shredding machines capable of reducing industrial paper documents such as work schedules, sensitive work procedures, meeting or conference handouts, infrastructure documents, identification cards, and printed financial statements, etc. The industrial Paper Shredder requires spacious installations, sophisticated configurations, and a dedicated resource to handle shredder operations to avoid the occurrence of precarious and accidental conditions because of the wide feed opening, conveyor system, and/or powerful cutting blades.  The heavy duty shredders can shred huge piles and high volumes of paper waste including bounded paper sheets, crumpled papers, paper files, folders, magnetic disks or optical media, credit cards, access control passes, or printouts, etc. The industrial paper shredder shows no signs of degradation or malfunctions despite the amount of paper being shredded with the paper shredder. Designed for commercial use and industrial installations, these heavy duty paper shredder machines exhibit a regular level of security, a robust and powerful shred motor for continuous operations, and hardened steel shafts for glitch free shredding.

Industrial shredder comes in different scalable configurations and different sizes to target user requirements in different industries such as education, corporate, healthcare, or government. Most of the heavy duty paper shredder machines feature configurable cut size and shred type (cross cut shredder, strip cut shredder, or micro cut shredder) to deliver centralized paper shredding in large industrial units, commercial organizations, and enterprise offices. These industrial paper shredders are made low noise and jam free to save time and keep environment unaware of shredding. read more »